The Jeremy Staat Foundation


Founder and President Jeremy Staat who is a retired NFL player, United States Marine, Iraqi War Veteran, Cross Country Cyclist and Countryman established The Jeremy Staat Foundation in June 2011. It was early in 2011, that Jeremy was given the opportunity to speak to local school children about life experiences as a former NFL player, United States Marine and Iraqi War Veteran. Jeremy noticed a need as well as the benefits of allowing Veterans to tell their stories in local schools. Jeremy felt that previous generations owed it to the next generations to invest their time and education into our future warriors. He realized that if we do not invest time in them today, they would not invest time in us in the future. The end result was incredible; as the Veterans shared their stories the children were informed and educated on what Veterans of this great county have given so that they may be free. The school districts were surprised by the reaction of the children; they were attentive, engaged, inquisitive, and clearly motivated. The children raised $25,000 for our Wall of Valor. Jeremy on the other hand was shocked at the price tag that our local school districts were paying to bring various motivational speakers from outside Kern County. Jeremy found that there were plenty of noble and honorable Veterans in our community that would proudly provide motivational speaking to our students, and for free. Thus The Veterans Speaking Board was created, and the mission of The Jeremy Staat Foundation was clear, to be a foundation of inspiration and motivation. 

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